Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Long time no mixtape.... but we'll fix that with some Summatime Mixtape Action!

Credit: Photoman extraordinaire Chris Carruth!

So, it's been a *cough cough* WHILE *cough* since I posted a mixtape...      in fact, the last one I put up on here was at the beginning of my grad school career. Which I've now thankfully finished.

With grad school done, it's time to move on, but also time to reclaim some of the things I was digging on before that whole shebang ate up my life. Namely, riding bikes and making mixtapes.

This mix is meant to shape your summer for the better. I wanted a mix that would make you believe. Believe in what? I dunno, but I think life's really beautiful, and really mysterious...    if we simply let it be. For me, sometimes that means pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and trusting in something new, and sometimes that means letting go of control and letting things happen organically, and just appreciating whatever bits of beauty come my way. So without further ado, here we go!

You can stream the mix above, or the little flashy mixtape icon may have some hidden surprises for you as well: full mixtape, assemble!!!

I LOVE me some summer, but I also find it to be quite a paradoxical time of year. You have adventures, work, the memory of having summers off, expectations of BBQs and pools and fireworks. For me, there's a lot of anticipation that goes into summer. I spend a lot of winter and spring wishing it were just summer already. And then, once summer finally comes...    well, it's all allergies, all the time, for most of June it seems. Crap. And then 4th of July comes and goes, and suddenly it's August and there's a symphony of crickets serenading me to sleep, and you can tell summer is almost over. All at once, I find summer overwhelming, underwhelming, full of easy connections and brief bites of loneliness. It's really but a brief cycle, at least here in Colorado, smack in the middle of North America.

This mix is also something of an unabashed revival of a previous Summatime Mixtape hoisted over at dem yonder Tsururadios, way back in the day. If you're reading and/or listening, papa Tsuru, I still miss you and all your funky messed up tunes! But I understand you had to follow your calling photographing naked ladies. Not a bad calling, really, if you stop to think about it.

How to wrap this up...? You know, I have this friend who shared a really cool quote on the F-Breezy the other day, let me hunt that up right quick. Oh, here we go: "to borrow from Brian Eno: good music should have a sense of 'making the now longer'"

Here's hoping that your nows get a bit longer, and that your summertime bike adventures are epic and occasionally night-timey. For the summertime haters out there, I sincerely hope you don't melt or otherwise implode from whineyness this season. I'll see you in another couple years (or maybe even sooner!).

Hugs and Hearts,

Monday, September 26, 2011

Adventurerneil Presents... I Am That Bicycle Mixtape!!

I'd hit that

I know what you're thinking - you're thinking exactly what I'm thinking. You're thinking it's time for some hawt hawt indie earsex!!

Well shucks, you're in luck! We've got a nice little early autumn mixtape here for you today. It's all about autumn, and feelings, and relationships. Come to think of it, that's all any of my mixtapes are about. Or all music for that matter! Damn. Time to get a more fresh and modern subject matter, amirite?

A small-to-medium-sized musical journey through my musical thoughts and musical feelings and musical experiences of the last few months...  are you happy now?!? I feel so exposed!

This mixtape is brought to you in comic sans... and was inspired, of course, by modern relationships! :o)  



PS. How many cycling-related brands can you name on the bike above? If you can name more than I can, contact me and win a special prize!

PPS. <3 <3 <3 <3

Friday, July 8, 2011

Adventurerneil Presents... ¡¡Clea Es Muy JAPONTÁSTICO!! Mixtape!!

Aw snap! Looks like we have ourselves a little summer mixy-tape! This one is for my good friend Clea, who is currently living and biking and teaching in Japan with the JET Program. She's one of my favorite people in the world, and had asked me to make her a "Japantastic" mixtape, so I did. But since I speak Español, I decided to title it with a little pizzazz.

Here's the tracklisting - plenty of epic jamming, dancing, singing, lyrics, etc!

And, last but not least, you can download it here!!!

Large doses of appreciation go out to everyone who made the mix possible! Enjoy!